Ayman fashion and its Associate Companies are involved in the activities of export, import, textiles, manufacturing and Trading.
Ayman fashion is the private Limited company.It is a Golden Status Export House well known for its quality standards.

During the last few years the company is growing at 25% to 30% every year. We have sourcing offices for fabrics in Hong Kong & China additionally. Our main markets are Canada and USA Currently we are working on expanding our market in allover Europe,

Over a period of Two(2) Decades, it has not only grown in volume but has earned a reputation to measure up to the worldwide trend towards more stringent expectation with regard to quality system standards. The company is constantly disseminating information from its buyers to update the quality of its garments. With the global concept gaining momentum on quality aspects and emergence of unified European market, resulting in removal of trade barriers, it has become imperative for the company to measure up to the changing requirements of quality.





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